EASI project has now finished!

Our Community Centre was one of nine organisations across South East Qld who participated in the Qld Council of Social Service’s “Switched On Communities”. Our project was called the Energy Advice, Support and Information Service (EASI). Through this pilot project we supported many people across the Lockyer Valley and surrounds through education about their electricity bills. Over the nine months that the project ran we delivered many workshops, provided one on one electricity bill “health” checks and conducted home visits.

The project was very successful with many people saving lots of money on their electricity bills and gaining valuable knowledge to know how to effectively shop around on the AER’s “Energy Made Easy” website. As part of the project I attended a workshop in Melbourne to provide community feedback and suggestions for making this website more user friendly. This success and findings of this project were reported at the Qld Council of Social Service’s Cost of Living Showcase recently.

Many thanks to AGL, The Qld Council of Social Service and the Qld Government.