Our Vision

Leading community connections and partnership development across Laidley and the surrounding regions.

Our Mission

Empowering our community members to take charge of their own lives through:

  • A welcoming and caring environment
  • Information, referral and support
  • Activities, events and interaction
  • Partnerships and relationship building
  • Communication and;
  • Membership

Our Values

Welcomingwhere people feel invited, engaged, accepted and comfortable.

Compassionateevery community member has the right to be treated with empathy and care.

Confidential – information is held with discretion, and the individual right to privacy is respected and honoured.

Supportive – we are approachable and understanding in helping and supporting people, while walking alongside them on their journey.

Reliable – commitment to consistency, dependability, trustworthiness and high standards.

Respectful – kindness, courtesy and consideration with graciousness and civility in all interactions.

Inclusive – working together holistically with high esteem and positive regard for people from all walks of life.

Fair – equity and impartiality in all processes and decision-making with benevolence and social justice.