Hi everyone, an important update:

As an organisation, we have made the decision to continue to deliver essential services to the community of Laidley and surrounds for as long as we can safely continue to do so, and while maintaining compliance with government health advice.

Services that will continue to operate include:
· Centrelink
· Community Connect (via teleconference)
· Food Relief
· Other emergency/crisis support where possible

Our reception procedures have changed and attendance inside the centre is restricted, so please only bring those family members necessary and follow signs regarding new safety measures.

This situation is subject to rapid change without notice so please check on Facebook or feel free to call ahead 54651889 before attending.

Please DO NOT attend if you have recently returned from overseas (and therefore should be self-isolating), feel unwell, have any flu- like symptoms, or are in a vulnerable category. There may be ways to get the help you need without physically attending and putting others (or yourself) at risk.

Finally, please continue to be respectful of our wonderful team. We are choosing to continue to come to work in order to help you in a time of need. It is, at times, stressful for both you and us, and we are all, understandably, experiencing human moments. However, the overwhelming support we are getting from the community, and the wonderful displays of kindness, continue to inspire us. We know how well people this region support each other when the chips are down and we look forward the time when we can come together again and help one another heal.

Until then, please follow health advice and stay safe.

Regards, Alana Wahl, Manager