2020-21 Annual Report and AGM

On the 28th of October 2021 we held our Annual General Meeting. Thank you to those who were able to attend. It was great to have an opportunity to reflect on the past year, and discuss some things to look forward to as an organisation in the future. Special thanks to Councillor Vela of LVRC for chairing the elections and Councillor Holstein for her attendance and support.

The positions voted in on the night were:

President: Adrian Shepley
Vice President: Michele Considine
Treasurer: Pat Morgan
Secretary: Margaret Fisher
Board Members: Jim Nicholls, Barbara Golden, Catherine Batterham-Baker, and Shar Nicholls

We were also pleased to be able to formalise the life membership of Aynur Karaman to the organisation.

We thanked Ian Daniels for his work on the board for the past four years and wished him luck in future endeavours.

You will see it’s been a very busy year, and we offer our sincere thanks to all staff, volunteers, funders and supporters.

We look forward to any feedback you would like to provide in relation to our services as we work to deliver another positive year for Laidley and the surrounding community.

Please view our 2020/2021 Annual Report below – click on the four-cornered cube logo to view it full screen. Downloadable or printed copies are available on request.