Emergency Relief Program

Funded by the Department of Social Services

Operating Times: Flexible – upon need. Urgent requests are given priority.

Emergency Relief Program is part of the Financial Wellbeing and Capability Activity.

Emergency Relief services provide support to address immediate needs in times of crisis. Assistance often includes food and clothing parcels or vouchers, transport, pharmacy vouchers, help with accommodation, part- payment of bills and budgeting assistance. Importantly, Emergency Relief agencies provide appropriate referrals to other services that help to address the underlying causes of financial crisis and social and financial inclusion.

What Laidley Offers

Laidley Emergency Relief provides, food vouchers, fuel vouchers, pharmacy vouchers, QR Transport vouchers, Telstra vouchers, part payment of selective bills and referral.

Eligibility Criteria
Clients must be in a financial crisis situation. Clients may provide details of their income either through a payslip or Centrelink Income Statement. In some cases clients may have no income and this will be assessed during the interview.   Situations that should have been reasonably foreseen are not considered a crisis situation and may not be eligible for assistance however the ER worker will assess each client on their current circumstances. Staff will also work with clients to offer assistance through appropriate referrals if they cannot assist with financial support.

Definition – Crisis Situation
A crisis situation is an occurrence that would not be reasonably anticipated (i.e. NOT a utilities bill which comes every 3 months but a death in the family causing unforeseen expensive funeral costs)